Salt Found Me opens Monday!

My upcoming solo exhibition, Salt Found Me opens this Monday, December 4th with a reception from from 4-6pm. If you're in town it would be wonderful to see you there!

Salt Found Me
New Paintings by Cathy Ellis
December 4 - December 15th
Opening Reception is Monday, December 4th, 4-6pm
ARTLAB, Adams Art Complex, Westmont College, Montecito, CA.

(955 La Paz Rd, Montecito, CA 93108, adjacent to Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum)



ART + WINE This Sunday at Imagery Estate Winery



Wine + Art...The Perfect Pairing

Sunday, October 23 | 12–3pm

Join us at our monthly Gallery Days series. Meet Cathy Ellis, artist for Imagery’s 2015 Malbec, have her sign a bottle and talk about her artwork.

14335 Highway 12, Glen Ellen 877.550.4278 |

2013 Imagery Upper Ridge Malbec released and now available for purchase!

Last year artist and Imagery curator Bob Nugent invited me to design a label for the collection at Imagery Winery in Glenn Ellen, CA.  I was honored to participate.  My work was matched with a 2013 Upper Ridge Malbec.  Released this fall, it's amazing.  Stop by my studio for a taste or get your own at the link below.  Be sure to visit Imagery's gallery and tasting room in person if you're in Glenn Ellen, their collection holds labels by luminaries like Judy Pfaff, Sol LeWitt and Terry Winters, plus hundreds of other artists, famous and obscure.  Plus award winning wine, and a permaculture garden.  What more could you want?




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Thirty Painters to Collect, Blueline Sacramento

I'm honored to have been invited by Mary Warner to participate!

Show runs August 21st to October 2nd.

Opening is September 19th at 7pm, details here:

Painter- Painter to Watch

1. Suzanne Adan – Omar Arason
2. Irving Marcus – Julia Stagg
3. Brenda Louie – Amber A. Dias
4. Mary Warner – Cathy Ellis
5. Sarah Flohr – Jeff Mayry
6. Ian Harvey – Mustafa Shaheen
7. Mark Emerson – David Mohr
8. Mick Sheldon – Andrea Arnott
9. Joan Moment – Matthew Debbdaudt
10. Tom Monteith – Sarah Granett
11. William Ishmael – Raphael Delgado
12. Ken Waterstreet – Jim Lenarz
13. David Wetzl – Patrick Marasso
14. Jack Ogden – Anthony Montanino
15. Pat Mahony – Rachelle Agundes

Catalog published for Materialist @Elephant Space Los Angeles

Details and ordering information from Pullstring Press:

Artists: Matt Allison, Cathy Ellis, Alexis Granwell, 
Ryan Carr Johnson, Patrick Melroy, Trish Tillman

Curated by: Megan Mueller and Sam Scharf

“We are the things that know us.”
-Jennifer Doyle

Elephant is pleased to present Materialist, a group exhibition featuring the work of six artists at the forefront of exploring the potential of material as subject. Materialist investigates strategies of production that consider site specificity, function, artifact, and redirection. The materials used by each artist create pluralistic interpretations of the objects as they are presented. Resisting traditional classification, the works exist as both ruin and artifact, serious and whimsical, unresolved and rigorous. While maintaining a transformational ambition, the artists create a tangible energy that derives from the investigations and demands placed upon the materials they’ve chosen. From carrying objects on our backs to presenting previously unknown relationships between materials, this exhibition displays a full range of work that embodies the Materialist


Pulp In Ashes @Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles

Pulp In Ashes
While as a species we begin to say our ‘long goodbye’ to paper, as it becomes a shell of it’s former self, it is healthy to think about what it has been and what it still has to offer. Next month at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles we are holding a party for paper, a get well party.

We wish to celebrate the coming rebirth of paper free from it’s mundane role -as receipts, divorce papers, bills and tabloid newspapers.

In the spirit of Chinese literati paintings, words and images are practically inseparable. Whether the work is born bathing in mist and clouds among monumental mountains, or under the blinding sun amongst swaying palm trees it is welcome. So, great artists, calligraphers, poets and paper-makers please join us.

Carl Baratta, Stephanie Dotson, Cathy Ellis, Sarah Fitzsimons, Chris Forbes, Rashell George, Erin
Harmon, Nathan Hayden, Mikko Keski-Vähälä, David Kilpatrick, Patrick Melroy, Michelle Rozic, Warren Schultheis, Jason Stoops, Jose Teixeira, Christopher Ulivo, Hannah Vainstein and Sarah Weber