Cathy Ellis + Megan Mueller: Some other time travel. / by Cathy Ellis

For Immediate Release:

Cathy Ellis + Megan Mueller: Some Other Time Travel.


October 6th to October 31st

Napa Gallery, CSUCI Campus, Camarillo, CA

Opening reception

Thursday, October 9th from 6-8pm

free and open to the public


Some Other Time Travel explores place and architecture as sites for escapism, transformation and unexpected humor.


The exhibition is the first in a series that invites students and graduates of the Master of Fine Arts program at UCSB to present their work at CIs Napa Hall Gallery, allowing an exchange of expertise and exhibition space between the two institutions. The collaboration also fosters mentoring relationships between UCSB graduates and CI undergraduates interested in pursuing careers in the fine arts.


Mueller describes her work as “heavily influenced by stand up comedy, the environment, weather, living in other peoples homes as a pet sitter, and the physicality of sculpture.”


Ellis describes her work as “blending idealism and disaster with more everyday concerns like sleeping, work and recreation. Each piece begins with a local landscape or architectural structure”