Pulp In Ashes @Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles / by Cathy Ellis


Pulp In Ashes
While as a species we begin to say our ‘long goodbye’ to paper, as it becomes a shell of it’s former self, it is healthy to think about what it has been and what it still has to offer. Next month at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles we are holding a party for paper, a get well party.

We wish to celebrate the coming rebirth of paper free from it’s mundane role -as receipts, divorce papers, bills and tabloid newspapers.

In the spirit of Chinese literati paintings, words and images are practically inseparable. Whether the work is born bathing in mist and clouds among monumental mountains, or under the blinding sun amongst swaying palm trees it is welcome. So, great artists, calligraphers, poets and paper-makers please join us.

Carl Baratta, Stephanie Dotson, Cathy Ellis, Sarah Fitzsimons, Chris Forbes, Rashell George, Erin
Harmon, Nathan Hayden, Mikko Keski-Vähälä, David Kilpatrick, Patrick Melroy, Michelle Rozic, Warren Schultheis, Jason Stoops, Jose Teixeira, Christopher Ulivo, Hannah Vainstein and Sarah Weber